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Declamatuus are proud to have found suppliers and partners who are keen to significantly reduce the impact of their activities on the ecosystem, allowing the Declamatuus gift boxes to be as eco-friendly as possible.


Greenshift is the exclusive host of the website www.declamatuus.fr ensuring reliability & carbon neutrality in a cutting-edge data centre, 50% energy saving and 0% CO2 emission, it guarantees maximun security (firewall/ encryption/ data protection).


Declamatuus decided to trust the company DHL®, which already ensures 2 billions climate neutral deliveries, consumes 62% green electricity, and is the initiator of the programme GOGREEN® aiming at environmentally friendly logistics, which was awarded an Energy Globe Award in 2018. Declamatuus is proud to use this option for all their internal and commercial shippings. A yearly certificate published on the Instagram account of the brand will prove this commitment.


Declamatuus are careful to have a reasonable consumption of luxury materials (optimisation of the cut thanks to last generation software, use of small pieces in your «help kit ») and to limit the movements of their personnel and machines.


The Declamatuus packaging is 100% recyclable : the delivery parcel and the material protecting its contents during shipping as well as the luxury gift box and every piece of paper


Declamatuus is proud to collaborate with suppliers, some of them are :

  • Subscribers to the REACH and CPSIA standards.
  • Using only FSC certified papers, without bleach, from stocks present near the production site, avoiding as much as possible the use of toxic products, then recycling and managing durable waste, during the hand-made production of paper elements of the brand.
  • Using dyes that ensure the non-toxicity of textiles and colours and non-pollution of aquifers.

  • Weaving for the Declamatuus sports range the eco-friendly fibre Lyocell (by the brand Tencel®) resistant, breathing and biodegradable, made with eucalyptus cellulose, needingonly a half acre of forest to produce a tonne of fibres with no particular irrigation.
  • Weaving textiles 100% based on certified recycled fibres
  • Sometimes even ensuring their complete energetic autonomy by 460kw solar panels (meaning a yearly reduction of 400 tonnes of CO2 emission)

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