The Declamatuus packaging benefits from the expertise of a famous Parisian printer, mastering hand-made paper pasting, zig-zag bindings made with a Singer® sewing machine, gold foil lamination and original sealing techniques, to achieve a luxuriously exuberant & highly couture result.


Except for a few items, the Declamatuus jewels, clasps & buttons have been exclusively developed, 3D prototyped, perfected by crafstmen, in close collaboration with a French firm whose top of the range work minimises allergy risks : 0.2-micron galvanisation in a 24-carat gold bath or in a palladium bath, 0.2-micron 24-carat gold or palladium anodisations called « PVD » (physical vapor deposition).


  • So as to guarantee the prestige of their sets, Declamatuus chose a production 100% made in France (in the region « Nouvelle Aquitaine »).
  •  So as to highlight their style, Declamatuus acquire their supplies from renowned French textiles artisans (lace and ribbon makers labelled Calais-Caudry®, silk weavers from Lyon, firms labelled as « French living heritage ») but also favours the excellence of international partners (Czech Bohemian crystal, high-tech Japanese ribbon-makers, Italian handmade pleated fabric, weavers of green and innovative fibres in Portugal)
  •  So as to optimise the good fit and comfort of their products, Declamatuus works with a Parisian design office whose know-how and « last generation » software allow the definition of size policy adapted to the specificity of their style.

  • So as to get artisan-quality socks, Declamatuus has found a French factory where machine knitting has been mastered since 1938 : flat seams (closing of the tip), forming (retraction on heating shape), pairing.
  • So as to sign their creations, Declamatuus have asked a Parisian weaver and printer, known to work with the great French couturiers, to weave and print on satin their precious brand and contextures labels.


Aware of the importance of words and their power of persuasion in a sentimental conquest, a love negotiation, even a self-flattery, Declamatuus propose an ode for you to choose among 13 ancient lyrical poems, so as to surprise and illustrate your thoughts with erudition.


The Declamatuus universe is decidedly : 

  • unconventional (innovative cuts, unusual materials)
  • Ultra couture (accessorised, decorated with jewels, emphasized by noble textiles)
  • hybrid (can be used as luxury prêt-à-porter in exclusive parties)
  • comfortable (designed without the usual constraints typical of traditional lingerie, combining ease & elegance)
  • romantic (inspired by the seduction strategy of Emperor Cassius, hero of the founding tale of the brand)

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