With the view to satisfay their clients, the brand proposes a Help Kit, deductible from the price of the future purchase of any gift box of the brand (without restriction). Skilfully elaborated so as to help the client choose the right size, it is sent with a measuring tape and the textile samples of 3 chosen sets.


Declamatuus rejuvenate the art of seduction, thanks to a special concept advocating romantic sentimental daring, courage & a noble soul. To offer a gift from the brand means declaring your love with panache and originality. Offering it to yourself proves that you are aware of your own status !

Slow couture

Declamatuus voluntarily adopts an artisanal production rhythm : small batches of 5 to 25 pieces for each size and model, making the product rarer. This intimate production policy thus gives an exceptional dimension devised to create a strong impression on the « Very Important Person » who will receive the gift.


A member of the COFREET (French Committee for care labelling of textiles), Declamatuus clearly inform their clients of the composition & country of origin of the weaving and ennobling of his fabric. These informations can be found « before purchase » (on the technical description of each product information on the e-shop), and « after purchase » (on the small « booklet of contexture textile labels » sewn on each piece of lingerie) in 9 European languages : French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, Danish.


The Declamatuus brand voluntarily adopts a confidentiality policy favouring the protection of their clients’ intimacy. Personal data (identity, mail and postal addresses, phone numbers) that have been given will not be sold and will only be kept for 2 years. Bank data (card numbers) will not be collected and will be encrypted by the firm Stripe© (secure payment on the website


Thanks to the « Direct signature » option by DHL®, the Declamatuus client accesses automatically and without extra payment to a superior level of security for their delivery, which will be made by the DHL® delivery person only with the presentation of the adressee’s ID document, otherwise the parcel will be put on hold in the nearest DHL® service point until the Declamatuus client, who will be informed via e-mail, can give further instructions.


Thanks to the « On Demand Delivery » module by DHL®, the Declamatuus client can automatically and without extra payment reprogram their delivery via e-mail or sms for another day, another address or put it on hold for up to 30 days. These notifications are automatically programmed on the mobile phone number given by the client when the order is placed online.


The brand’s gift boxes can be delivered by DHL® to a work place, a holiday resort, or a home. The addressee becoming legally liable for the reception of the parcel, the Declamatuus clients are expected to choose it with care and strategy (in a circle of trust) and to reside in one of the 16 following countries : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland.


In accordance with the regulations on consumers’ rights, particularly for evident reasons of hygiene linked to the nature of the product sent, and considering that the client has the possibility to personalise their own gift box, the Declamatuus gift boxes are neither exchangeable nor refundable.


Declamatuus refuses to endorse the logic of seasonality imposed by the textile industry, as it entails a soulless production rhythm where one collection drives out another. This philosophy is all the more meaningful as your amorous feelings know no season nor calendar. The Models of the brand want to become standards, only produced in the size that will flatter the client.


In the same way as you do not sell off your feelings, Declamatuus does not sell out their gift boxes. Indeed, Declamatuus have not spared the noble and costly materials, have spared no expenses in preparing his packaging with precious finishing touches, have not spared their words when composing their odes so as to sublimate the feelings.

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